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IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

What is IPL hair removal?

 Professional IPL hair removal treatment involves flashes of intense pulsed light which are absorbed by the hair follicles. The absorbed light heats your hair, and impacts the potential of the follicle to re-grow without damaging the surrounding tissue.


How its works 
The light emitted during the flash is absorbed by the melanin - the pigment responsible for the colour of your hair. This light is then converted to thermal energy that destroys the hair by cauterising the vessels which nourish the follicle. Throughout the sessions, the IPL treatment prevents any hair re-growth.


During treatment you will see:


A sharp decrease in re-growth is visible after the first treatment.

Your hair will grow back finer and less dense.

After 8-15 treatments spaced 3-4 weeks apart, only 1 or 2 top up treatments may be required to enjoy permanent hair removal.

The professional IPL treatment starts with a full consultation and FREE patch test (required 48 hours before treatment)  The course of treatment is then individually prescribed based on skin type, thickness of the hair and the area to be treated.


The treatments are suitable for both Men and Women, and for skin tones from pale to Asian, including tanned skin. The length of the treatment depends on the area treated.



Do not be put off by our reasonable prices! We are very competitve and believe in providing an excellent service with affordable prices, with Medical grade equipment and qualified Nurses.




      Single Session                            Course of 6

Lip                            £25                                                  £125

Chin                          £25                                                 £125

Full face                    £60                                                 £300

Under Arm                £35                                                 £175

Bikini                        £35                                                 £175

Brazilian                   £60                                                  £300

Hollywood                £70                                                  £350

1/2 Leg                    £65                                                  £325

Full leg                     £125                                                £625

Leg top                    £65                                                 £325

Full Arm                   £70                                                 £350

1/2 Arm                   £35                                                 £175

Toes / Fingers          £25                                                 £125   

Hands / Feet            £25                                                 £125

Full body - Legs, Arms, under arms, full face & bikini from £300 per session


MEN - prices from

Chest full                    £65                        £325

Full Back                    £100                       £500

Stomach/ half back     £55                         £275

Intimate Areas.          £75                         £375


                                           SKIN REJUVENATION from    

                                                  Single          Course of 6


Face                                        £100                  £500

Face and Neck                      £150                  £750

Face , Neck & Chest             £200                £1000



Red spot from £45 each    

Acne Treatment from £60 per session


Please ring Clare 01926 882441 for bookings.





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